2.1. Singapore Master Plan

  1. Go to data.gov.sg.


  2. Search for “master plan land use”.


  3. Download the “Master Plan 2014 Land Use”.


  4. Extract the zip file “master-plan-land-use.zip” using 7-zip (or any other compression program).


  5. Once unzipped, within the “master-plan-land-use” folder there are two more zipped files: “master-plan-2014-land-use-shp.zip” and “master-plan-2014-land-use-kml.zip.


  6. Unzip the “master-plan-2014-land-use-shp.zip”.


  7. The unzipped file.


  8. Open the “master-plan-2014-land-use-shp” folder and you will see a multiple of files. It is important to keep these files in the same folder all the time.