5. Zoom to Specified Long/Lat with CoordTransform Plugin

  1. Install the CoordTransform plugin. Go to Plugins -> Manage and Install Plugins …


  2. Install CoordTransform.


  3. After installation, go to Plugins -> d2gis -> CoordTransform


  4. The Coordtransform plugin interface.


  5. Obtain the lat/long of the point of interest. Go to Google Map and search for your site. Click on the map to obtain the lat/long.


  6. Copy the lat/long.


  7. Input the longitude into the X-input, and latitude into the Y-input in the Coordtransform interface. The CRS epsg used for google map is 4326 and we want the output CRS to be 3414. Click transform once these inputs are inserted.


  8. Copy the new transformed coordinates.


  9. Paste it into the coordinates parameter at the bottom of the window to zoom to the position.


  10. Adjust the scale (1: 10,000) to zoom into the point of interest.